About Us

The Strategic Initiatives division of Berea College is responsible for overseeing and stewarding relationships with external funding partners that support on-campus programming and capital improvements as well as educational and community development programming in the Appalachian region. Examples of current strategic initiatives include:

  • Student support “Bridge” programming to help matriculating Berea College students bridge in, through, and out of their time at the College more successfully
  • Rural Promise Neighborhood, GEAR UP, and i3 programs to work toward the goal that “All Appalachian students will succeed at school” (Partners for Education)
  • Partnering with Appalachian communities through to grow regional leadership in order to create visions and plans to guide local development efforts (Brushy Fork Institute)
  • Helping as many Appalachian families grow as much of their own food as possible (Grow Appalachia).

To learn more, please visit the webpages of these externally funded initiatives by following the links in the sidebar.