Wireless Access at Berea College

General Information:

There are two supported wireless networks available on campus in administrative, academic, and residential spaces:  BCSecure and BereaBYOD.

There are two additional legacy networks that remain in the MAC building as well as the Boone Tavern Hotel:  BereaSecure and BereaGuest.

Please be aware that not all devices will be able to connect to all of these wireless networks. Some devices designed primarily for use in the home (Roku, Apple TV, Kindle e-ink devices, etc.) do not support enterprise-level wireless security protocols, so they will not be able to access the BCSecure or BereaSecure wireless networks. We provide wireless networks specifically for use with these devices in locations across campus and these are BereaBYOD and BereaGuest.

* Please also keep in mind that wireless networks are not as reliable or stable as wired networks even in the best of circumstance are not as fast as a wired connection. If you are in an area of high utilization or radio frequency interference, or if you are far from the nearest access point, you may experience intermittent slowness and/or decreased performance.

General Campus Wireless Networks


  • For Student, Faculty, and Staff use.
  • Provides non-rate-limited access to all internal College systems just as if you were connected to a wired network outlet.
  • To gain access to this network you must have a valid Berea College username and password.
  • This is the preferred campus network in all buildings for devices that are capable of connecting with a Berea College username and password.
    • If your device cannot connect to BCSecure, please refer to BereaBYOD information on gaining the same campus network connectivity via our device registration portal.


This wireless network services guests of the campus, but also provides an additional non-rate limited access for employees and students to connect various gaming, entertainment, or smart devices to the college network. This network provides the same connectivity campus users have with BCSecure and is the same level of encrypted security.

  • Guest of the college can use the BYOD portal to register a guest account.  This will provide wireless access for 24 hours.
    • To do so, visitors should connect to the BereaBYOD network and open a browser.  This will direct guests to the BYOD portal — below the login prompt is an option to create an account.
    • Guests will need to provide a name, email address, and accept the terms of use. Once the account is created, a username, guest password, and expiration time will be provided.
  • Employees and students can register devices that are incompatible with the BCSecure network.
    • Examples are Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) which may include gaming consoles, streaming devices, smart speakers, and other smart devices.
    • These devices will often not allow you to connect to wireless with your username and password and will have the option to enter only the password to the network you are connecting to, or require you to connect to the device through an app on your phone.

Before registering devices to the BYOD network, you must know the MAC address of your device(s).  Below are instructions on how to connect to BereaBYOD and where to find the MAC address on common devices.

Legacy Networks:

  • BereaSecure: This network is available to anyone with a Berea College campus account and is the preferred network for an employee or student use in buildings where the legacy networks remain.
  • BereaGuest: This network is available for use by visitors of the college, or by devices that cannot authenticate to BereaSecure with a Berea username and password. The password to this network is available on the dashboard of myBerea and can be provided to guests by their campus sponsor.

 Wireless network F.A.Q.

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